Monday, December 8, 2008

MAMM about Myspace

MySpace is a worldwide network and the whole world is engaged in it. Because Georgia is far away from the active part of the world, it is hard in many cases for Georgian musicians to establish serious contacts with the lables and clubs all around the world. ‘We had some interesting suggestions from different festivals and clubs, but because they thought it was the state Georgia, of America. Distance makes real prolems’-says TT, Sandro Chinchaladze, a leader of ‘Me and My Monkey. TT explains what he likes about this social networking website. ‘when you have MySpace, you know that different labels, clubs, radio stations and others can listen to your music and if they like it, they will invite you’-declares Chinchaadze. The band also got the offer to play on the festival in Germany last year. ‘We played in Frankfurt and Saarbruken. MySpace helped us a lot’-says the leader of ‘Me and My Monkey’. As for Georgia, he says that MySpace in not a useful thing for him. ‘I had never had a concert in Georgia, exactly with the help of MySpace. Georgians are not ready to establish serious relationships of this kind yet-explains Chinchaladze.

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