Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On May 17, the band 'Me and My Monkey' presented their new single

On May 17, the band 'Me and My Monkey' presented their new single, 'Its Coming Back' at club Cubik Rubik. 'Its Coming Back' comprises three tracks: 'It's Coming Back', 'Standing and Waiting' and 'We are the Monkeys'. The tracks were recorded in May 2008 and mixed at "Studio One". The band's new video, shot by TV station 'Mze', is also included in the CD.
Me and My Monkey is a new band established in 2006 with two members. The band plays indie, electronic or experimental music, and is definitely one of the more active two-man bands in Tbilisi. Following their alternative roots, the Monkeys' new CD is refined, professionally done and effective.
As it is ineffective to describe electronic music in words, I will simply say that Me and My Monkey's music is energetic, sychronic and exciting. The CD "It's Coming Back" was not a disappointment by any means.
Apart from live performances and their website (www.myspace.com/medachemimaimuni), the band has so far had no means to attract a larger audience. Therefore, this first CD was a chance for the band to create a sharp, recognizable image for themselves.
Me and My Monkey's presentation followed the obvious theme; when buying the CD for 10 lari, you got a banana free, and the cardboard CD cover displays a tree. Finally, one of the three tracks says: we are the monkeys. Pretty simple ideas make an impression, work perfectly as codes and bring fun.
If I try to say things as purely as monkeys did, the band has its style, is progressing and knows exactly what and how to do.
The CD is a limited edition, so make sure you get your copy by heading down to 2 Brother Kakabadze St. (in front of McDonald's), 'Planet X' on 26 Kazbegi Ave. and 'Literature Cafe' on 2 Tarkhnishvili St. The CDs will also be available in other shops and online soon. It will also be exported to Germany in the near future.In September, Me and My Monkey will start to work on a new album. So we can expect more from this original band soon.

Band: Me and My Monkey

Members: Sandro Chinchaladze and Gocha Bakradze

Producer: Michael Wiederhold (CaucasusRocks)

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